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Turin "Juventus" plays with the Roman "Lazio" in the first home game of the new football season. The "Oude Dame" and the metropolitan "eagles" came together on the field of the stadium "Juventus Stadium" on Saturday 25 August. OBOZREVATEL provides an online broadcast of the Juventus – Lazio competition. The meeting starts at 7 o'clock in the afternoon in Kiev.

The duel is the first for the newcomer "Juventus" Cristiano Ronaldo for his native language audience. After nine seasons in Madrid, "Real", one of the best players in the world decided to move to Italy, the reasons he recently told in a candid interview.

Recall, in the beginning game of the new series Serie A turintsy almost venerated Verona, where only in the last seconds a victory over "Chievo."

Serie A. The 2nd round

Turin, the stadium "Juventus Stadium"
Head Arbiter: Massimiliano Irrati

"Juventus" (Turin) – "Lazio" (Rome) – 1: 0

target: Pyanich, 30

"Juventus": Szczęsny – Kancelu, Bonucci, Chiellini, Alex Sandro – Khedira, Pyanich, Matyudi – Bernardeski, Manjukic, Ronaldo.

Spare parts: Pinzolio, Perin, Bardzali, Rugani, Benatia, Costa, Quadrado, Gian, Bentancourt, Dibala.

"Lazio": Strakosha – Wallace, Acherby, Radu – Marusic, Parolo, Leyva, Milinkovich-Savic, Lulich – Alberto, Immobile.

Spare parts: Guerrieri, Proto, Durmisi, Bashtush, Caceres, Basta, Correa, Badel, Cataldi, Murjah, Rossi.


54. Ronaldo still has wild problems in Italy. Generally you can not see Krisha.

53. WARNING. Parolo honestly accused Munzhukich with his elbow.

49. "Lazio" controls the ball. And to feel? The delivery of Wallace went directly to Shensna.

SECOND TIME BEGINS. "Juve" started from the center of the field.

8 pm. We return to Turin.

19:51. BREAK.

45 + 2. The referee whistles.

45 + 2. Before a head has hit something higher than 8 meters.

45. WARNING. Alex Sandro honestly shot down an opponent on the flank.

43. Guests in general below do not work.

41. Ronaldo beat 25. 25. Slabenko and in the hands of Strakos.

39. Bonucci on the lawn. Incidentally, a whistle is not audible.

35. Wow! Shensna had to jump out of the penalty line to be ahead of Immobile.

34. Immobilet hit the far corner. Inaccurate.

33. Continue to crush "Juventus".

30. 1: 0! Miralem Pyanich opened the account! After removing the defenders of the Bosnian meters with 22 kissed. Right in a corner!

28. It seems that Cristiano is not comfortable.

25. Surprisingly slow view in our home team. And Ronaldo can not see well.

23. Strikes very little in our country.

20. Manjukić made a mistake on half of the field. Haha.

19. Wow! And here is the moment! Khedira loaded in the bar meter of 12!

18. "Juventus" rolls the ball across the field.

16. Szensny calmly took the hit Marushic because of the penalty.

15. We will have a game for now without any strokes.

12. Wow. Luis Alberto almost straight from the corner and did not score. A bit inaccurate.

11. Lulich was well admitted because of the punishment. Puppies translated on the angular.

9. Bonucci boo fans "Juve". It is all because of the transition to Milan.

7. Ronaldo punched his head after being thrown out of the depth. Well, very inaccurate.

5. So far, a fairly quiet start in Turin.

2. "Cue ball", of course, in the stadium in Turin.

CUSTOMIZED WALK. Guests entered the ball in the game.

MINUTES TO THE CONTEST. Krish is already waiting when the judge whistles.

2 MINUTES FOR THE CONTEST. Football players are already on the field of the stadium.

10 MINUTES FOR THE CONTEST. We are waiting for the start.

9 HOURS FOR THE CONTEST. Hello dear friends! Today, almost all of Turin will sound to the ears because of the debut in the "Juventus Stadium" Cristiano Ronaldo.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, Madrid "Real" has found an unexpected replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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