"Liverpool" and "PSG" showed space football, and "Locomotive" started with a failure

We talk about the most important events on the first day of the Champions League season 2018/19.


Lionel Messi / photo: Alex Caparros, gettyimages.com

Since this year matches of some of the group stage of the Champions League start earlier, which should be a big plus, also for the Russians. If the games of the most important European club tournament have been started late in the evening, 2 games will start in Moscow every day from 20:00 on every day of play. The emphasis is generally on the public, who want to watch interesting matches at different times. And the experiment was immediately justified.

More money and top clubs. What has changed in the Champions League

Apart from the main group of matches of the first day of the new season of the Champions League, the games of the group were played. Immediately after the draw, this group let them pay attention, and all the first matches proved that it would be very interesting. The season of the Champions League 2018/19 started with a goal Lionel Messi. Not even. The season started with a chic performance by Lionel Messi. All 10 PSV field players were in the wall when, in the middle of the first half, the referee awarded a penalty to their goal, but that was unnecessary. Whistle, kick, goal. The new captain of "Barcelona" is still beautiful, which he demonstrated at the end of the race. Messi scored two more times and made 48 hat-tricks in his career and a record, eighth, in the Champions League. Another ball in the game on the account Usmana Dembele, and "Barca" started the euro zone with a route on the Dutch – 4: 0.

In another competition of the group there were "Inter" and "Tottenham". For Italians, this game was the first in the league in seven years and the team Luciano Spalletti hardly wanted anything less than a win after such a long break, and even for their fans. "Tottenham" is still very unstable. In England, the team lost twice after three victories at the start of the season. In Italy, the team Mauricio Pochettino played without Hugo Llorisa. Deli Alli and several other protagonists. And even in this composition and with the lost Harry Kane (attacker never hit the target), the guests could score first – the ricochet helped after the battle Christian Erickson.

The end of the fire was saved by Inter. In his championship, the team only has a nightmare – two losses and only one victory, but in the forgotten Champions League club he managed to escape. 5 minutes before the end of the game, "Tottenham" led the score, and the coefficient for Milanese victory reached 90-100. As a result, those who ventured and bet on the victory of "Inter" broke a big jackpot. In the first instance Mauro Icardi by the stroke of a meeting even the bill has been made, and already in the compensated time Matias Vesino brought the first victory in the Champions League to his team for 7 years.


Jordan Henderson and Neimar / photo: Julian Finney, gettyimages.com

The main game of the evening was already in prime time for Europe in England. The finalist of the last tournament came one of the most important favorites of this. Two former coaches from Mainz and Borussia came together in Anfield, when Liverpool was trained and another was PSG. unlikely Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuhel could take such a meeting about five years ago.

"PSG" released from the first minutes of the nuclear triad in the attack Neimar – Kilian Mbappe – Edinson Cavani. But Klopp broke his super trio last season – Mohammed Salah and Sado Mane the game started without Roberto Firmino. But even without this, the British showed an excellent match in the first half. In the first instance Daniel Sturridge shot Alfons Areolaand a few minutes later James Milner with a penalty kick the advantage of "Liverpool" doubled. At the end of the half, "PSG" scored an illogical goal. His future was helped by the defender Toma Minie. Initially the pitch was directed to Cavani, who was offside, but participated in the episode. The judge could pay attention to it, but ignored it. It seems that after the break the most expensive attack, collected from Paris, an operation has to start to destroy the opponent's defense. The hosts, however, looked more active again. Salah even scored his goal, but after a brief dispute, the referee canceled the goal because of the offense a little earlier.

10 minutes before the end of the game, Mbagpe became the most player in history and scored "Liverpool" in the Champions League in his field. The 19-year-old world champion could save a draw for PSG, but the Klopp team was too good to miss the victory. Trent Alexander-Arnold almost in the next attack hit the cross of the penalty kick. But appeared in the course of the game Firmino was correct. The Brazilian defeated his compatriot twice Marquinhos, hit powerfully in the far corner and could barely resist, not to throw off his T-shirt. The first top match showed that this Champions League is ready to survive the high level of the tournament that had passed the season.


"Lokomotiv" made way for "Galatasaray" / photo: www.fclm.ru

Tonight there were two times back to the tournament. If "Inter" was missing for 7 years, then "Locomotive" was not twice as long in the Champions League. The club has changed completely since 14 years of the last season in the main club tournament in Europe, but something has remained unchanged. As before, the team is now training Yuri Semin.

In the first game, the current champions from Russia came to Turkey to visit another champion – "Galatasaray." After 8 minutes, Moskovites missed the first goal. Harry Rodrigues quietly took the ball on the forehead, moved to the middle and broke through the penalty on the goal Guilherme. All this time, none of the players "Locomotive" for some reason not to the winger. The "railway" had some good points to match, but neither Jefferson Farfan, also not Alexey Miranchuk could not bring their efforts to achieve goals.

In the second half, the hosts were better, despite the fact that the target guests were needed. The moments at Guilherme's gate became even greater. The second goal after Messi with a free kick in the new season of the Champions League came after the strike in the gate of "Locomotive" Erene Derdiyoka. 0: 2 in Turkey for 25 minutes before the end, very few people manage to win back. Team Semin was no exception. At the end of the game "Locomotive" continued and got a counterattack after an error Solomon Querquel. "Galatasaray" scored the third goal of the penalty spot and "Locomotive" met the return to the crushing defeat of the Champions League.

The Turkish club alone led the group D after a draw, "Schalke" and "Porto". In the match, the opponents of the "Locomotive" did not do it without a penalty, both came to the gate of the owners by the fault of the defender of "Schalke" Naldo. Admittedly, the appointment of the second causes much more controversy than the first. One of them is the keeper of the German club Ralph Ferman knocked down, but the second failed. It is worth noting that the gates of the Portuguese defended the legendary Iker Casillas, for which this season was, a record, 20th in the Champions League.

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