Reingold – "Krasnodar": nobody wants to lose, but you have to be farmers

Reingold – "Krasnodar": nobody wants to lose, but you have to be farmers


Former Spartak forward Valery Reingold shared his impressions of the red-white match against Krasnodar (1-0) in the 4th round of the Russian Premier League.

"There was good football, It turned out to be a battle match, the nerves are heated, mutual attacks." Spartacus "took the hardest game, this victory and the way, and I welcome such matches, because the team showed character, although it game was not excellent The result is natural

Sorry Ari, it is impossible to hooliganize on the veld.I understand that nobody wants to lose, but you have to be farmers.How is it to your colleague with your head Yes, and do not pretend, in the episode with the fall of Ari nothing happened, no one touched him.

But in general this game is a decoration of the tour! The stadium was scored, the fans saw a match of the same teams, none of the opponents being superior to the opponent.To summarize, the game was the same: in the first half the ball was controlled by "Spartak", in the second – "Krasnodar" Well, it turned out that nobody was t luck had canceled. It can also be good luck for Krasnodar, Ari one by one realize. I am grateful to the team for the struggle and dedication, I will not reprimand anyone in the "Spartacus". In such a warm environment the character comes forward. Not luck, but victory is a victory, "- quotes Rheingold Rusfootball.

Bubnov:" Spartacus "had no advantage in the match with" Krasnodar "

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