Ronaldo gave the first interview in Juventus – he wants his son to become a footballer


Today Juventus strikes Cristiano Ronaldo announced in his social networks, which became the international ambassador of the Dazn platform. The first step in collaboration was an interview – the first for a football player as an Italian club player.

Dazn is the owner of British Perform Group. Service focuses on showing matches on different devices – from smartphones to Smart TV, specifies This is the third player on the Italian football market after the Sky media tycoon Rupert Modroka and Mediaset from the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.

Interview with Cristiano Dazn made short clips on Twitter.

About son Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr.

"He loves rivalry, and when I was young, I did not want to lose, he'll be the same as me, I'm 100% sure, I like to train him, but he'll be what he wants. I will always support him, but of course I want Cristiano to become a football player, I see that he has that excitement, physique, speed, skills, while he's young, I do not want to put pressure on him, but of course I dream that my boy become a footballer. & # 39;

Ronaldo continues to advertise adidas. He already brought the Germans 216 million

Is it possible to consider a goal against Juventus? the best in his career

"Someone says yes, someone says no, I can say that small details determine the result What I saw in the stadium that day helped me Unfortunately I scored that goal to my current club It seems to me that this is now the best goal of my career is, and of course it surprises me at any time that the stadium applauds me all day long.This has never happened in my life, it was an incredible episode. "

Which sports are interesting besides football

"I love UFC, tennis, basketball, ping pong is the second sport I can play in. But above all I like the UFC, I love fighting."

Why did I decide to leave the seventh number

"This is my favorite song, I discussed this with the club and Quadrado (midfielder "Juventus", who previously performed under the seventh number ca..ed) .. He said it would be a greater honor for him to give me a number. I was surprised by this reaction, and I am very happy to keep playing under the seventh grade. "

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