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Donetsk "Shakhtar" in the start match of the Champions League season 2018/2019 organizes the German "Hoffenheim". Team Paulo Fonseca first meeting of group F plays in Kharkov in the stadium "Metalist". OBOZREVATEL will perform an online broadcast of the Shakhtar – Hoffenheim competition. The game starts at 7:55 PM.


See the "miners" duel against the representative of the Bundesliga from the village with a population of three thousand people will be on the channel "Football 2". Here the show will be accompanied by a traditional analytical studio.

Moreover, the broadcast from Kharkov in its grid was planned by the Russian broadcaster "Match! Football 3".


The favorite of the meeting in Kharkov is the home team. The odds for the Donetsk club are accepted with a coefficient of 2.00.

The draw is quoted at 3.60. And the indicators for the success of the "Hoffenheim" reach a level of 3.50.


A team of arbitrators from Denmark under the leadership of Jakob Kelet will work on the game. Lars Hummelgor and Heine Sorensen will help him.

Additional assistants carry out Michael Tjukgor and Jens Moe. And the role of the fourth referee went to Christian Brixen.


Paulo Fonseca, the head coach of Shakhtar:

– Maybe many do not know well "Hoffenheim" and "Lyon", but you have to understand that they have achieved third place in their national championships. In "Hoffenheim", a very young and ambitious coach, they surprised the Bundesliga in the last season. When there was a break of 10 players, "Hoffenheim" played for national teams. The investments they have invested in players also exceed 50 million euros. "Hoffenheim" – very strong. They have their own special idea of ​​the game and they know perfectly what to do.

Julian Nagelsman, head coach of "Hoffenheim":

– "Shakhtar" used the schedule last season and with three, and with four defenders. Of course I will not say which schedule we will use tomorrow, you will see everything yourself. We will try to attack. "Shakhtar" is tactically well prepared, the game "miners" is very variable. "Shakhtar" is a good combination of defense and attack, this is his strength. I know more about Shakhtar than about bookmakers who come up with bets on games. Shakhtar is a strong team. But I think their coefficient for Shakhtar's victory will prove to be wrong.


"Miner": Pyatov – Danchenko, Hocholava, Rakitsky, Ismaili, Stepanenko, Patrick, Marlos, Maicon, Tyson, Moraes

"Hoffenheim": Baumann – Noordwijt, Bichakchich, Posh, Kaderabek, Zuber, Bettankur, Kramaric, Schultz, Joelinton, Salai

As reported OBOZREVATEL, striker Donetsk "Shakhtar" Junior Moraes, to whom the players "Dynamo" have organized a boycott, intends to fight for the national team of Ukraine.

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