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Astrologers have drawn up monetary lunar calendar for January 2019

By planning things according to the lunar calendar, you can get closer to success. This is a very difficult month, but astrologers say that dealing with difficulties will be much easier. The most important thing is to live according to the laws of the universe, without rejecting the fact that thoughts are the building blocks of the reality around us.

1-2 January: the month starts with two perfect days in Scorpio. The waning moon in this sign has an incredibly positive influence on all living beings. In financial terms, change will wait for hard-working and prudent people who know how to take responsibility. Do not be afraid to do it, because nobody will solve your problems better than you do.

January 3-4: the waning moon under the influence of the energy of Fire is a bad sign. The moon in Sagittarius contributes to a small burst of creative energy, but everything else will be in decline: motivation, memory, ability to work and mental endurance. Number 4 is much more dangerous than 3, because of the negative aspect of the Moon with Mercury.

5-6 January: January 5 is the last day of the descent of the moon in Capricorn. It is necessary to check your money, and only spend it on the most necessary. This is a great day for work and intellectual work. The 6th is the most dangerous day of January, because the new moon in the same sign will be combined with a partial solar eclipse. On this day you have to avoid adventures that have to do with money, and in any case do not take out loans.

January 7-9: the first three days of the rise of the moon will be held in the sign of Aquarius. These are great days for financial activities, shopping, negotiation and creative impulses. In business and financial matters, a fresh look at well-known issues will help you. Try to be responsive and do not ignore requests from co-workers for help.

January 10-11: the growing moon in Pisces is not a combination of the best. Financial matters have to be postponed another time, but at work you have to stay calm and look at things objectively. Sextile of the moon and the sun on January 11 will disable much of the grind, making you have nothing to worry about.

January 12-14: the first phase of growth under the auspices of Aries is always good news for those who love active and even aggressive business. At the weekend you can safely spend money and exchange. During the negotiations on Monday is to show the maximum hardness and inflexibility. Competitors will see every manifestation of weakness as an opportunity to remove you from the throne.

January 15-16: January 15 is the day of failure and disharmony. Taurus and the last growth phase of the moon will bring problems in money matters. According to the lunar calendar, it is worthwhile to limit purchases and spending on money in these two days. You also do not have to conduct business negotiations.

17-18 January: financial flows are activated in these two days. The business community goes uphill with business people, as well as representatives of professions related to personnel management. Try to show your leadership skills nowadays to hit the bosses and yourself. Try to maintain the respect of subordinates and colleagues.

January 19-20: the last two days of the growth of the moon will be affected by the element of water represented by cancer. This will be one of the worst days for financial activities in January. It is necessary to keep them surrounded by people and to relax.

21-22 January: the 21st is the day of the lunar eclipse in Leo. This is a very unfavorable time for any work because astrologers have noted increased fatigue, as well as a lack of financial success as such for most people. It is necessary to adjust for egoism and impulsivity in business. The number 22 is a fairly productive day for negotiations and business meetings. Fire Energy helps to negotiate with everyone.

23-24 January: the first phase of the moon's decline in the sign of the Virgin is a symbol of great success for all who know how to work hard and learn from mistakes. Many problems are solved automatically, but the concentration does not lose. Listen and watch the events around you.

25-26 January: rest days are successful on Friday and Saturday. The waning of the Moon in Libra are the days of apathy, uncertainty, weakness of mind, unwillingness to work. Astrologers recommend postponing all important issues on Monday. If you believe the lunar calendar, the energy of the moon will decline these days, so you do not have to make purchases and close deals.

January 27-29: Scorpion and the waning moon – the perfect combination to add up to the end of the month. These three days are well suited for all financial matters. Do not just take on all matters at once and take part in self-criticism. There are enough people willing to claim you.

January 30-31: the month ends positively, because the Sagittarius and the declining Moon in the last phase completely neutralize all the shortcomings of each other. On the other hand, the positive aspects of the influence of these two factors will be lost. This means that everyone is fully responsible for their success or failure.

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