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At the inauguration of Zelensky – whether the Rada will end the discussion about the date

May 16, 7:38 AM

On Thursday, Parliament can approve the date of the inauguration of the newly elected president

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As expected on Thursday 16 May The Verkhovna Rada will consider draft resolutions on the date of the inauguration of the newly elected President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. There is still no certainty as to which of the existing resolutions will be adopted and whether a date will be approved by MEPs altogether.

Inauguration for every taste

On the eve of the parliamentary committee for the regulation, all registered decisions on the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky were discussed. They turned out to be seven.

The Petro Poroshenko Block substitute, Vladimir Kurennoy, proposes the earliest date for the inauguration of a new president – May 17, that is, tomorrow. It is of course difficult to assume that such a complex event, with inviting foreign guests and representative delegations, can be organized in such a short time.

Various motions for resolutions proposed by parliamentarians provide for the inauguration on 19 May. This date, in particular, appears in the projects of non-fractional delegates Sergey Mishchenko and Viktor Baloga. Note that it was on this date that the newly elected president himself insisted, and it was on May 19 that he de jure can be considered "agreed" – as required by law.

People & # 39; s Deputy Sergei Kaplin (BPP) also suggested in his motion for a resolution to hold the inauguration on May 19. But only the first phase, in which Vladimir Zelensky takes the oath before the parliament, according to the procedure provided for by law. The second phase of the inauguration, on the proposal of Kaplin, will be held in the NSC Olimpiyskiy in the presence of public and foreign guests on 3 June. It is assumed that Vladimir Zelensky will take the oath in the stadium and will announce the inaugural speech.

Two draft resolutions on inauguration were immediately submitted by the extra-fractional substitute Vitaly Kupriy. The first concerns the inauguration of 20 May, the second – on 26 May.

Finally, Andrei Teteruk, representative of the "Popular Front", offers to hold the inauguration on 28 May.

Experts and the delegates themselves explain such an abundance of proposals regarding the date of inauguration for various reasons. First of all, this is an excessive politicization of the problem. Secondly, there are fears for certain political forces that in the event of the May 19 inauguration, Vladimir Zelensky could implement the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. Finally, due to the fact that the new president did not find a common language with part of the composition of the current Verkhovna Rada.

"There are different groups in Zelensky & # 39; s environment that want early elections, but he doesn't talk about it directly either. If he had spoken honestly, this would have translated the conversation into a concrete practical direction, but because this doesn't happen, no one wants to respond blindly to his person. video messages ", – political analyst Olesya Yakhno told in a comment on the site" Today ".

According to her, following Vladimir Zelensky & ultimatum's appeal to Parliament regarding the date of the inauguration appointment, many delegates were informed.

"The only question regarding the date of inauguration is related to whether the president has the right to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in advance," said the author of two inauguration decisions, member of parliament at the exit, Vitaly Kupriy, in a comment on the Segodnya website. or afterwards, when the president no longer has the right to dissolve the parliament, "said the MP.

There is no unity in parliament

Following the results of the project assessment, the relevant BP committee adopted a Solomon decision. Namely: approved all seven of the proposed documents and moved the responsibility for setting the date to the parliament. As far as the chances of adopting a resolution are concerned, it is absolutely impossible to say anything, as members of parliament say.

"Our faction handles all projects precisely, but each delegate has certain preferences or arguments against certain dates," said Alexander Briginets (BPP faction) in the commentary on the Segodnya website. "So the majority of the faction I think they will vote for all resolutions, but at the same time certain delegates will not support these decisions based on their considerations, for example, according to my observations, the most opponents of the May 19 inauguration ceremony. Including This is a band Ano with the fact that on this day in Ukraine is a day of mourning, "said Alexander Briginets.

At the same time, according to the MP, this date is supported by the factions of Oppoblok and Batkivshchyna. According to Briginets, there are delegates who oppose the inauguration on 28 May because they will be traveling abroad on this day. On the other hand, the fact that this date is supported by the second largest parliamentary faction, indicates that the inaugural decision on this day can get enough votes.

"That is, everyone has their own arguments, but, I think, the result will depend on how the sum of the majority's arguments is formed." According to the conversations I had with my colleagues, it cannot be said that a dominant line is emerging, "said Alexander Briginets.

The representative of the "Popular Front" Dmitry Tymchuk commented that his group proposed and would vote on 28 May.

"We are definitely by the 19th because it is a day of mourning. When there will be mourning candles on TV screens and mourning events across the country, it is not very logical to hold the inauguration," noted Dmitry Tymchuk on.

According to the author of two motions for resolutions on the inauguration of Vitaly Kupriy at the same time, the intrigue is whether there will be votes for one of the projects to hold the inauguration on May 19, the date agreed with the president.

"If there are no such votes, I think my resolutions on the inauguration on May 20 or May 26 will be doomed to fail, since the People's Front stated that they are only willing to vote for the 28th," said Vitaly Kupriy.

The people's representative recalled that there was one case of voting in the current convocation parliament when the decision was taken, even contrary to the opinion of the largest political group – BPP.

"And although BPP will now vote in a heterogeneous way, the Popular Front will vote in favor and I am not sure that the votes will be collected on May 19," said Vitaly Kupriy.

According to him, it is also important in which order motions for resolutions are put to the vote. As the deputy noted, if all projects fail and only the inauguration project remains on May 28, for which the "Popular Front" votes are added, President Vladimir Zelensky has two options.

"The first is to agree to the inauguration on May 28, after having refused, so the ability to dissolve the parliament. The second is to refuse the inauguration on May 28. And in this case, the only person will who is responsible, remain the speaker of parliament. date of inauguration ", – said Vitaly Kupriy.

At the same time, Vitaly Kupriy noted that Vladimir Zelensky could refuse any date of inauguration, approved by parliament, except for the agreed date of 19 May. At the same time, he will not be able to refuse to take the oath on a day appointed by the head of the Verkhovna Rada.

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