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Eurovision Song Contest 2019, online broadcast of the second semifinal – watch

Several important favorites of the competition appear on stage today.


The second semifinal of the 64 Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The audience will see 18 songs, and almost all the major bookmakers' favorites will appear on the scene, including the Dutch Duncan Lawrence, who leads the betting list with a huge margin.

The participants from the countries will perform in the following order: Armenia, Ireland, Moldova, Switzerland, Latvia, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, the Netherlands, Northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan.

During the vote they are accompanied by the three countries of the Big Five from the founders of the Eurovision Song Contest – the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Participants from these countries according to the rules of the competition automatically reach the final.

The deciding show will take place on Saturday, May 16. According to the results of the first semifinal, 10 countries went over – Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia.

Ukraine does not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest this year and therefore does not vote. Initially it was assumed that the winner of the national selection, the singer Maruv, would represent our country, but she did not agree with the broadcaster about the terms of the participation contract and as a result NOTU decided not to go to the participant this year to send the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch the official online video broadcast of the second semifinal of Eurovision without ads.

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