Fight in Kiev regional council over deputy with ‘covid’

In Kyivoblsovet, fight over a deputy sheriff with covid

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The Kiev Oblast Council cannot choose a head

The deputies called the police to remove a colleague who reportedly has a coronavirus from the regional council meeting room.

Representatives of the Kiev Regional Council fought a scuffle, reportedly over a colleague with a coronavirus. During the meeting on Friday, November 27, they try to elect the head of the council for the second time.

As mentioned in the party For the UP’s Maybutne, Deputy Ruslan Braslavsky’s Batkivshchyna faction at the meeting, and he is said to have a coronavirus. That’s why the deputies called the police.

In Za maybutne they said that Braslavsky refused to get up and showed some kind of electronic test result, according to which it was impossible to understand if it was his test.

The public organization, in turn, honestly reports that the scandal happened because of the representative of the people Bondarev, who is said to be sick with COVID-19. The police took him out of the hall.

Earlier, the deputy of the Kiev regional council of the For Maybutne party Yaroslav Moskalenko accused the Servant of the People’s Party of trading positions. For example, he responded to the accusations of the head of the SN Alexander Kornienko, who announced the possible bribery of deputies in the election of the head of the council.

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