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Futbourl Vlad Vashchuk talked about the game Miner

Today, May 15, the Donetsk Shakhtar plays against Ingulets in the final of the Ukrainian Cup, and within a week, on May 22, they will meet again in the Ukrainian classic with Dynamo Kiev.

The miner can already approach this competition in the rank of champion and the most famous team of Ukraine. This match does not solve anything for Dynamo, but they still have to go to the match with a principal opponent with the best possible state of mind.

Former player Dynamo Vladislav Vashchuk shared his prediction for this game, Terrikon reports.

– It is very likely that Shakhtar will enter the competition with Dynamo who already has the status of champion. Can Fonsek resort to rotation and set up a reserve team for the competition?

– This is already in practice, so why not? The miner probably wants to look at his nearest reserve. Everything is possible. But this is still a question for the head coach, so it's hard for me to define something and say specifically.

– How much can Dinamo win in this competition to win ambition and how much they might want to beat Shakhtar to prove that they are no weaker than the champion?

– When Shakhtar and Dynamo play among themselves, the result is always important, even in a friendly game. However, both teams will play for the result, for the win. To prove that every player who plays in Dynamo, he always wants to prove that he is not weaker than anyone, including Shakhtar players. They want to prove their professional suitability a priori and deserve a place in the basic setup.

– If there is no sensation and Shakhtar wins the Cup of Ukraine, he will be released for the match with Dynamo as the untitled club of independent Ukraine. How much can this fact motivate Dynamo to reclaim this title as quickly as possible?

– I don't know how important Dynamo's leadership is. I won't guess. At the moment I do not understand the tasks that Dinamo stands for.

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