In Lviv died a foreigner who had an explosion on the Christmas market

A victim of an explosion on December 22, 2018 at the Christmas market in Lviv, a 50-year-old Armenian citizen died on January 1, 2019. This is in the message of the city council of Lviv.

"Despite providing all the necessary medical care, doctors were not able to save the life of a man who suffered an explosion on the stock market," the report said. According to the city council, the man was constantly in the intensive care unit, his condition was serious.

"His condition was constantly serious, we managed to overcome the phase of the fire shock, but the next stage, which is more than 20% with burns, is the stage of intoxication, but due to deep burns there is severe poisoning. said Igor Stoyanovskiy, deputy chief physician for surgical care at the 8th Lviv City Clinical Hospital, Lviv City Hall expresses his condolences to family members and friends.

Earlier, "Country" reported that in Lviv the number of victims of the explosion and fire on the Christmas market increased.

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