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Invited for Shakhtar 8 football players ᐉ UA-Football

A specialist in the Donetsk club works for less than a year

The head of Shakhtar's selection department, José Botu, told how many players he invited to the Donetsk club.

– How many players have you invited to clubs?

– I have no idea. In "Shakhtar" there are 8 such, in "Benfic" – 25-30. He mentioned something because he never counted.

– What was the biggest success in scouting?

– I think, from the point of view of trust in the club, Witzel. He received enormous recognition in just one year, quotes the Botha Tribune with a link to Goal.com.

Botu has been working in Shakhtar since last summer. During his time at the club, Shakhtar Tete, Maicon, Solomon Manor, Fernando, Marcos Antonio, Marcos Sipriano, Valery Bondarenko, Alexei Shevchenko and Junior Moraes signed.

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