Mercedes-Benz showed the possibilities of the new GLE crossover

Mercedes-Benz showed the possibilities of the new GLE crossoverE-Active Body Control is installed in the car suspension.

The company Mercedes-Benz showed the possibility of E-Active Body Control with suspension in the new crossover GLE. Thanks to the 48-volt onboard network and the accumulators installed on each strut, the SUV can individually monitor the stiffness and position of each wheel, reports with reference to Autoworld.

E-active body control – An optional stereo camera system that reads speed bumps from a distance of 15 meters, Airmatic air suspension and powerful hydraulics. Thanks to the data obtained, the on-board computer can determine the necessary body height with an accuracy of three millimeters to compensate for irregularities.

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In addition, E-Active Body Control is also resistant to rolling, pecking during braking and can tilt the body inwards to reduce the centrifugal force. In the off-road mode, the hydropneumatic suspension can quickly raise and lower the bodywork several times. For example, it helps to get out of the sand. You can also adjust the height of each wheel using the display of the multimedia system.

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