Microsoft has changed the list of supported processors for Windows 10 1803

Recently, the first computers on Windows 10 with a Snapdragon 850 processor appeared on the shelves of American stores, which were sold with an unsupported OS version, namely with Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

The fact is that the new software from the software giant does not specify Qualcomm's new processor. This suggests that due to delays in the release of the October 2018 update, developers of new computers have installed an "unsupported" OS on the new devices.

Some time later, however, there were changes to the official documentation and not only Snapdragon 835 but also Snapdragon 850 were added to the list of supported processors for Windows 10 April Update.

Note that lately there have been no cumulative updates that could optimize the performance of Snapdragon 835 with the update of Windows 10 April 2018, so Microsoft has only changed the input. We can not deny that the software giant has had the opportunity to study this problem and give a green light to change the documentation, or simply add the necessary data to not lose potential buyers of new devices.


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