New Year's Eve on TV: Zashkvar Urgant and Eternal Loboda (PHOTO & # 39; S)

In 2017 Channel One tried to sink the body of the "blue light", in which the army of veterans was carefully diluted with young artists, writes We decided to follow the plot of Brecht's "Legend of the Dead Soldier": who does not remember, the soldier was dug out of the grave, dressed in uniform and put into use ("Two deputies followed him.) They kept a sharp eye: as if the dead man did not collapse into dust, except God! ").

In 2018 the channel continued: the entire top list of iTunes, Youtube, VKontakte, Yandex called for help. Music "and gave a grand … imitation of relevance.

The show "Blue Urgant" (special edition of "Evening Urgant") started for health. First December 30th – the day before the most important New Year's program & # 39; s. Secondly, they not only called Coin, which appeared on the First, but also "freshmen" – young music stars of which some only shone in 2018: the rappers Big Baby Tape (Egor Rakitin from Moscow) and GONE.Fludd (Alexander Smirnov from Murmansk) ), for instance. About them, the audience of the channel just did not hear it! It seems like a cool application for the win. Fire with a twinkle!

Young music stars were invited to perform, some of which only flashed in 2018. Photo: Channel One
Young music stars were invited to perform, some of which only flashed in 2018.
Photo: Channel One

The output was a surrogate, flirted with a young audience with a view to the conservative core. There were no daring decisions about the direction, a new concept, a ride or a helmsman with subtitles. I do not understand. There was still the same dull "blue light" on Shabolovka, which allegedly decided to go and nabat.

The output was a surrogate, flirted with a young audience with a view to the conservative core
The output was a surrogate, flirted with a young audience with a view to the conservative core

The Jesuit promise comes from a herring under a fur coat: you do not have to take it seriously, and at the same time you will see it, of course, but what if you like it? But it was not joking, not postmodern, not a session with full disclosure. It was a matter, an attempt to lure a new audience with a stale gingerbread, drenched with brazen jam.

But the smart young audience does not forgive this: the concert was immediately ridiculed and the freshmen did not play forks: old tweets of the Blue Urgant participant, rapper Boulevard Depo (Artem Shatokhin from Ufa) surfaced on the internet, where he called to him. shoot down. just speak at company parties or & # 39; New Year's Eve & # 39 ;. His compatriot, Rapper Face (Ivan Dremin) stated that they did not "make their way to the Internet" to refresh "the Comedy Club and Urgant". "This is the internet that the TV needs, and not the other way around: boys and ladies, do not let yourself be used."

If all these names do not tell you anything, that's fine. There was another ace for you. First-year students sang in the "Blue Urgant" pop hits from the 90s: "New Year's" song from "Brilliant", "Say Nothing" from "Rock Islands", "My Favorite" by Vyacheslav Bykov, "Lonely Pigeon" from Yana and so on. But why the 90s? Well, this is a concert of youth. Not all of them were born in the 90s, their experiences and reflections are in no way related to this & # 39; romantic & # 39; time. A very simple one.

The logic of the producers is: Coin released in 2018 a fake nostalgic 90-m album "Coloring for Adults", the group Little Big made a rave cover with colleagues from Hands Up, who lit up 20 years ago. So we can on TV! People will like it.

Old tweets from Blue Urgant, rapper Boulevard Depo
Old tweets from Blue Urgant, rapper Boulevard Depo

Unfortunately, no. So it does not work. Those who listen to the stated youth have not been born in the years & # 39; 90; they have nothing to nostalgic about. It is hard to imagine that teenagers are on the list with songs from "Blue Urgant". That is why the repertoire of the concert was carefully aimed at an audience of 30-40 year-olds.

But the sleeping beauty should have been brought to life by a prince, and not a parody of him. Anyone who rises to the top of the charts in a short period of time will take it out of the crowd, love music, thirst for risk and the desire to express themselves, pass on their world perception and show the world the need.

You can not easily do it to reproduce the success of the Youtube flea, which makes an assessment of shawarma. Behind it is special, unique, irrational magic. That is why the cowardly attempt of the First to sit on two chairs failed. The desire to attract the retired youth hipster trouser legs – it is strange and annoying.

The most obvious indicator is the reaction of those who listen to this new wave. The concert was so stebny that nobody understood that it was a tease. The young audience saw this as a 100% zashkvar (shame).

Or even krinzh – from the English verb cringe: "pots", "distorts", "touches" – if you are ashamed of the actions of another person. All this was like a bad joke, the meaning of which must be explained. Worse does not happen. The saddest part is that the young artists have replaced themselves heavily: if they had the greatest hope in the fight against the blue lights, they have now become infected with the sabbath virus in Shabolovka.

And the eternal Loboda. Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS
And the eternal Loboda.
Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

And what happened on January 1st? The carriage turned into a pumpkin, everything was back to where it was. Eternal Loboda, "New Year's Eve on the first." Again, heavy artillery with timid inclusions of faceless "youth" such as Julianna Karaulova and Dina Garipova. Even Sophia Rotaru was, who is no longer a rider in Russia – they have just shown the old number. And Alla Borisovna with the song of last year in Maybach – and what's the difference?

All under plywood. Moscow appeared in a lively, almost comic color correction. Expensive, rich, luxurious. And sad. Malyshev and Urgant joked about a rectal candle and the airline's inconspicuous advertising in the form of a singing Christmas tree almost did not distract from the holiday.

The plastic world won again, the layout was stronger. There is no point in revitalizing and refreshing the "New Year's format". The logical end of the year: on "Russia 1", Buzova flirts with Petrosyan, on the first artists sings, about which Alexander Urkant has told Ivan Urgant a few weeks before the shooting, Anna Semyonovich chews Olivier in a mink jacket on TVC.

New year that we deserve.

Finally, a few lines freshly touched by Olga Buzova. Everything with the arrival!

"When the wave covers the pain

Alcohol does not work anymore.

When you're ready to send everything to the *** pits (devils),

Switch off the brain and do what I do.

Dance under Buzova, under this light music

Shake your watermelons, dance near Buzov.

Dance under Buzova, under this light music

Let losers be jealous – dance under Buzov ".

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Yegor Arefiev

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