Sergey Pritula spoke about work for the new year 2019 – video

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TV host congratulated everyone who spent their New Year's Eve at work

Ukrainian showman, TV presenter and volunteer Sergei Pritula congratulated his subscribers on the new year and told them where he spent the festive night. He recorded the accompanying video message and placed it on Instagram.

The showman said the night of December 31 to January 1, spent at work and rushed to another scheduled concert. He also appealed to everyone who also worked for the holiday.

"Dear my subscribers! I congratulate you on the new year 2019. The year of the pig, which I hope you will behave politely, as you do with it I congratulate you all on the new year and wish you good health, comfort , wealth and peace in our country, I want to start, as a person who has blown down New Year's Eve and goes to Vinnitsa for a concert, to congratulate those who have spent old and new and will spend all these vacations at work. everyone else is resting, yes, also for everyone else, of course since the holiday OM! "- Sergey stated on the camera.

Celebrity fans in turn also started to warmly congratulate him and did not open good words

"You are super! Man, I wish you all the best," "Sergey, you have a gray beard Do not be old, please, thank you for your congratulations, I wish you all the best, still ups and no falls!" prosperity for your family "," Thank you, Sergey! Let everything that is planned come true! Good health, love, happiness, and let the heat of the family warm and give strength, "wrote commentators.

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Earlier, Sergey Pritula hit fans with a New Year's address. He remembered the Ukrainian army, which tirelessly ensures peace and tranquility in Ukraine, even during holidays.

We add that Sergei told Pritula about his favorite vacation type for the new year. Good company is important for a showman and it is in bed.

By the way, on the eve of the holiday, Sergey Pritula shared a family "pajama" photo in which he poses with his wife and children dressed in the same house kits.

Video: RBC-Ukraine

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