Slepakov song New Year's video: "Difficult year" – Slepakov blew up the internet with a song about what's happening in the Russian Federation, watching beat records – 01/01/19

The famous Russian humorist Semyon Slepakov spoke with a new, sharp social song about the problems of the Russian Federation, called "Tough Year". Russians are very happy.

The new year song from Slepakova on YouTube is better than viewing records, reports Dialog.UA.

Towards the new year, Slepakov wrote another song: "A Tough Year." In it he describes masterfully how difficult it is for the Russians to survive year after year because of the failing foreign and domestic policy of the usurper Vladimir Putin, who has been in the presidency for 20 years and will not leave.

The new song Slepakova immediately became a hit. During 3 days almost 4 million people have watched it on YouTube, with more than 100,000 likes. Discuss the creation of Slepakov and commentators. The Russians have already kindly offered to make a new anthem of it.

"A song about life, a song about ours, soo * and life! Year after year we hope for the best, but this is not in our lives," remarked one of the commentators. Others urged him to continue to burn the scraper & # 39 ;.

"The video is funny, but the situation is terrible," said the YouTube user.

Earlier, Dialog.UA reported that Slepakov mocked Putin's spies with a humorous song that actively removes the Kremlin.

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