The complexity of Bitcoin mining increased for the first time since October 2018

As a result of another recalculation of the complexity of Bitcoin mining in the night of 1 January, this figure has increased by 10%. This is the first increase in complexity since October 2018.

The complexity of mining is a parameter of the blockchain network, which shows how difficult it is to perform a mathematical calculation to find a new unit and accordingly receive a price for it.

So, according to Bitcoin Wisdom, as a result of the new recalculation, the complexity increased by 10%

At the same time, bitcoin hash has grown slightly in the last few days and hashate – the total computing power of mining equipment involved in the cryptocurrency mining process.

In total, the Bitcoin hashratio increased by approximately 35% in December 2018, yielding 43,291,797 TH / s on the last day of the year. Nevertheless, these figures are still relatively far from the peak figures of August 2018 – 61 866 256 TH / s.


Remember that the complexity of Bitcoin mining fell by five times in 2018, while it has happened three times in a row since November. The largest such decrease – by more than 15% – was observed in early December. Two weeks later, this figure fell another 10%.

Meanwhile, the new year, the market of cryptocurrency meets a slight decline in quotations. So from 18:30 hours UTC was the weighted average rate of Bitcoin, which fell by 1.72% over the day, $ 3,723.87. XRP fell by about 1% and was priced at $ 0.353780, a decrease of 1.61% in the price of ETH – at the time of publication, the weighted average rate was $ 134.38. The total market capitalization amounts to 125.7 billion (Bitcoin – 51.7%).

As previously written by ForkLog, the cryptocurrency expert of Wall Street Journal Paul Vigne came to the conclusion that Bitcoin, in the context of the decline in world indexes, correlated more closely with gold.

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