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The famous Ukrainian singer had problems, the police are powerless. Politeka

The famous Ukrainian presenter and singer Olga Tsibulskaya, who recently had a setback, gave some tips on how to protect herself in such situations

On May 5, near the Syretsky Park in Parkovo-Syretskaya 9, Olga Tsibulskaya was hijacked in a dark blue Toyota Raw4 car (VK 8171 BX).

The singer immediately turned to the police and spread information about various sources. The car is still looking, but the artist hopes that they will be lost.

Olga Tsibulskaya also posted a video on her page on the social network of Instagram, where she shares tips with others about how to prevent her car from being hijacked.

"First of all, never leave the registration certificate in the cabin! If a car was stolen from you, and the technical passport was in the cabin, then when you come to the insurance office, they will turn the figure with three fingers and do not return money, this is not included in the insurance, but I share this information with you.

Secondly, try to mark your car somehow, it will be easier to find it in the cameras. These are bright pillows, stickers, colored discs.

Third, leave in the cabin the things you can recognize the car with. For example, they will call and offer you to return it for money. To know exactly what a robber is calling, you can ask: "Which author's book is in the armrest?"

At the end of the video, Tsibulskaya added that she does not play dirty games, does not accept the terms of the scammers, and yet believes that her car will be found by law enforcement officers.

Remember that after the announcement of the announcement, the life of the singer has changed to hell. There were people who, according to the girl, wished to cash in on someone else's grief.

Fraudsters started calling her number and were openly threatened. According to Tsibulsky, they demanded "an enormous amount of money, threatening that they would destroy the car that is allegedly in their possession."

In addition, the scammers did not start calling other people's numbers, but numbers that belong to friends and members of the artist's team. "I pick up the phone because I see the concert director or manager ringing, and as a result I hear the following threats and crude ultimatums," the singer complained to reporters.

Remember, Olya told Tsibulskaya about the terrible betrayal in her life: "I wasn't ready."

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