The police published a video of the storming of the police police Podolsky in Kiev

Employees of the Kiev Police Communication Department published a video of attempts by radicals to storm the Podolsk Police Department on Saturday 9 February. Militiamen opened the procedure on the article "hooliganism" on the prisoners, and they wrote statements to the State Security Commission.

Earlier in the center of Kiev the police arrested 15 people. Radicals who had rescued them from the neighborhood tried to capture the ROVD by storm. As a result, 40 people were detained. Three law enforcement officers have suffered.

This happened after a group of people imprisoned in one of the political actions with brilliant greenery, knives, gas cartridges and a gun were taken from the Kontraktovaya Square to the police station.

Video: Kiev

The "land" understood why Avakov did not allow nationalists to disrupt the demonstrations of Tymoshenko. The police reported that the prisoners had cold weapons, gas cartridges and a gun. And also a lot of green things.

Earlier, we reported that the head of the national police headquarters in Kiev, Andrei Krischenko, apologized to the policeman, who, holding the radicals in Podol, shouted: "Lie down, Bandera!".

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