Vladimir Ostapchuk began to talk about divorces soon after the remarriage

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter Volodymyr Ostapchuk shared his views on divorce after the infidelity scandal and the wedding with a new lover

In his new post on Instagram, the showman admitted he doesn’t view divorce as “bad”. Writes about this Politeka.net.

In particular, the presenter drew attention to the fact that in our society the idea of ​​one love for life and the sacralization of the institution of marriage are idealized. Ostapchuk notes that this creates a particularly negative attitude towards divorce.

“On the contrary, I think people have boldly and honestly admitted that they are not the same and it is better to give thanks for the relationship, experience this marriage and leave it in the past … And it is NORMAL to have a to end what is difficult for both, to admit it and live FULLY on! .. I am genuinely happy with the vast family experience, but if you are no longer loving, why should you shut up? For what and for whom? ”- wrote the host.

He emphasized that for children, happy parents will also be preferred over unhappy ones.

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“Fortunately mom and dad separately are better than swearing and anger under one roof,” – said the host.

He also shared a new black and white photo of himself posing in a shirt and vest.

Note that Ostapchuk previously fell into a scandal when he left his wife, with whom he lived together for 14 years and raised two children, to his mistress. Not so long ago, the presenter played a new wedding.

Vladimir Ostapchuk, Kristina Gornyak

We will recall, Ostapchuk’s new wife opened in earnest and showed her belly: “I really want to be with everyone …”.

As reported by Politeka, Ostapchuk, who was playing, amazed him with bed fun with his young wife: “How can I go to work?”

Politeka also wrote that Ostapchuk decided on a daring experiment with his wife and was stunned at the acknowledgment: “An unearthly sensation.”

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