WADA did not get access to the laboratory data for Moscow sports before the deadline

Moscow, January 2 – AIF Moscow.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) did not gain access to the data from the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory before the earlier deadline, which expired on 31 December. This is stated in a statement on the official website of the organization.

"The deadline, which the Russian authorities were supposed to grant access to the laboratory data, has expired and the information has not been received," the report said.

WADA CEO Craig Reedy recalled that the date of data extraction had been agreed in September 2018. Since then, the organization has worked closely with the Russian side, so that the deadline is not disturbed, he noted.

Now, according to Reedy, the process, also approved by the executive committee in September, will be launched. The WADA Compliance Committee will make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the status of RUSAD after the meeting of 14-15 January. If the Russian anti-doping organization is declared not to comply with the WADA code, it can apply to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He will make the final decision.

About the situation, the agency officially the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Pavel Kolobkov and the Director General of RUSADA, Yuri Ganus, the statement said. At the same time, WADA emphasized that they will continue to cooperate with RUSADA, an independent international expert at the head office.

By decision of the executive committee of WADA, the Russian party had to grant access to the data of the anti-doping laboratory in Moscow until 31 December 2018. The experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency, who arrived in Moscow, could not complete the mission in time because of the fact that the equipment they use to extract the data had to be certified in accordance with the Russian legislation.

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