Zelensky announced presidential campaign

The comedian Vladimir Zelensky announced yesterday that he will become president. And he did it on the eve of the New Year's performance of Petro Poroshenko – as a result, channel 1 + 1 expounded the president's speech and moved it after midnight.

The "pro & # 39; s" belong to the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who is associated with the promotion of Zelensky. That is why many saw such an ethereal somersault as a conscious troll from the president at the start of the election campaign.

And although Poroshenko has not yet announced his desire to run, he is clearly nervous about Zelensky – the comedian circumvents him in all viewing figures. And it makes it even more problematic for the current guarantor to participate in the second round.

The social networks responded to the coming-out of the head of the & # 39; night district & # 39 ;. The first rushed to the attack on the comedian "gunpowder". Opinion divided the rest of the audience. Some fiercely supported Zelensky's intentions to go to the ballot box, others were skeptical and felt a kind of trick in this whole story.

More information about Zelensky's election plans and prospects and his real relationship with Igor Kolomoisky can be found in our review.

The reaction of the defenders of Poroshenko

In the camp of the current president the Zelensky phenomenon was observed with irritation – for the reasons mentioned above. The employees of Poroshenko and those bloggers who support him directly or indirectly expressed their dissatisfaction with the nomination of a showman.

"On this New Year's Eve I send the most sincere wishes of the most vicious and disgusting channel 1 + 1, in general, and Zelensky & # 39; s fool, in particular.All supporters are invited to the repost," wrote the advisor of the guarantor Yury Biryukov.

Channel 5 TV channel Vitaly Gaidukevich did not react less expressively:

"If Benya pays for naked … poo, the" pluses "will show instead of a New Year's congratulations from the head of state … well, okay, Kolomoisky is a bastard, but many people on the canal have been shhavali, 2019 is the year of scum visualization, New Year's Eve is just the beginning, an era of cynical assholes. "

In response to the hysteria of the presidential camp, the general director of the "pluses", Alexander Tkachenko, said that Poroshenko was afraid.

"You know, it's not for nothing that the virtual world is called that and when a bunch of bots falls on you, and in this case I want to limit myself and not respond, but I know who owns this package, often existing people, but just accounts, and this is surprising, "he wrote on Facebook. And he added that Poroshenko, naveren, was afraid.

"Are you afraid, Pyotr Alekseevich, that someone who is smarter than you appeared on the horizon? You are angry that his opinion is not influenced by money, oligarchs or a channel, but only by people's opinions? he did not steal money from the people or his partners cheated? Yes, Zelensky did the other, and yes, the new one And I often do not like it. "So, accept this world as it is, rather than in the virtual to live the world ", – notes the general director of the channel.

"We are in television, we know what this world is, because we love and appreciate our audience, and we try to stay true to the values, so that 2014 has happened," said Tkachenko.

Lawyer Andrei Portnov does not see the problem at all that Zelensky was previously shown by Poroshenko.

"Some media have expressed dissatisfaction about the fact that one of the television channels showed Zelensky instead of Poroshenko's New Year's congratulations, I see no problem: if every thief, government or war criminal is shown with a jaded colossus path and ten thousand remaining forgiveness, they congratulate everyone for a week, "- wrote Portnov in his Telegram.

"I have the impression that Z. Petya P. will again declare martial law after Vova's speech?!

Or get into a psychiatric clinic, "- writes blogger Alexei Kucherenko.

At the same time, political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko believes that no matter how Poroshenko's attitude is, there must always be respect for the symbols of the state.

"Let's imagine politicians and oligarchs start congratulating the country instead of the president: on Inter-Firtash or Boyko, on Ukraina – Akhmetov, or Lyashko with Vilkul, on Newsvane and 112th – Medvedchuk, etc. symbolically this will start marking the collapse of a single country into separate information-political feuds.

If Zelensky suddenly becomes president, his demarche of the new year will play against him, since then the same disdain can be for him. That is why it is not Zelensky or Poroshenko, but the need to respect formal and informal rules and rituals that keep the country together. If you break them, the land is sprinkled.

The demarche on the pros will greatly increase the conflict of the election campaign, which already looks more and more like a political war of all against all. This nature of the campaign will significantly reduce the legitimacy of both the elections and the future president. "

Who protects Zelensky

Many people supported the new candidate on the web.

The main reasons for support are the following:

  • Zelensky new face in Ukrainian politics, which is not smeared with obscure schematics,
  • All other politicians are fed up. Let someone come all new,
  • Zelensky is an effective manager who has built a large and very successful company from scratch (Quarter, filming),
  • Zelensky on the main conflict issues is a moderate man, which is why he gives the impression of such a politician who can end the war and can stop waking up issues that divide society,
  • Zelensky is just a cool guy who is close to people and knows the people.

"Some questions to reflect: is Zelensky at the forefront of creating the" Party of the Regions "and is he working as a minister for Yanukovych? Is it Zelensky who continued to do business in Russia during the war, and it was Putin who called him an "investor in the Russian economy"?

This Zelensky increased the price of gas 10 times, and 5 times the electricity? This is when Zelensky is more than 8,000 Ukrainian soldiers in prison and not a high-ranking corrupt official? ", – writes blogger Maxim Ivanishchev.

By the way, Zelensky did business with Moscow after the outbreak of the war – but more about that.

PR Alyona Sholemey also believes that Zelensky has less negative loop than Poroshenko.

"And why all this hysteria and shouting" The world has gone mad? "Why do not you like it?

Zelensky is a lawyer of training and in our country I think that every citizen should have a basic training for legal education.

Zelensky was not involved, we did not judge, he did not steal from someone, he was not even involved in any loud scandal: anyone, God forgive me, the likeness will pass by with ease.

Zelensky and his team have themselves raised the "95 quarters" of an unknown comedian team from the province and have traveled through the province to the most successful, popular and sought after country show.

Oh, yes, the show. You're probably confused that Zelensky is a humorist? So the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was an actor and you seem to play Toko. And nicho, we all want to go to America, right?

And as in the films we want. Like in the movie "Servant of the People", of course, but he does not, but during the making of a film he has missed it all by himself and at least he has an idea how it should all be (what not to say about others can become).

Although, as a PR manager in general and a political advisor in particular, I will say in secret: if they put money in the equipment during the tour and just take this film in the villages, the already considerable starting score Grow at least twice. "

Ex-People & # 39; s Deputy Vladimir Polochaninov believes that Zelensky is a fairly suitable candidate for the presidency of Ukraine.

"I watched the news feed on the very first day of the new year and it became ridiculous.

Because those who did not consider it a boxer's mayor of the capital as a bust and his possible campaign for the presidency, suddenly began to consider making a statement about the presidency of the artist. Serious? Well, let's go in the right order.

1 Supreme Commander. The strongest army in the world runs the show Man Trump. Already almost four years is almost nothing. Why? Yes, because he is not the one who directs, but the generals – the soldiers who are trained in this. That is why all our military successes (if any) and failures (Ilovaisk, Debaltseve, warehouses, boys trapped in the Strait of Kerch) are not Poroshenko, in all honesty, but the general staff and the Ministry of Defense.

2 Corrupt. Well, there is nothing to discuss, Zelensky is just a virgin knocking on a door of a brothel, where Poroshenko rose to Bandersha.

3 Education? Zelensky is a lawyer who graduated from the KNEU, and not from the Academy for Public Administration in absentia. As our prime minister, for example, and some of his ministers. "Doctor death" with two minimum passports does not bother you, you canon ours?

4 Self made. From start to finish. Outside politics, outside corruption and outside the logic of our country. It can even be successful in Ukraine and Russia without giving a share to law enforcement agencies, civil servants and no success with budgetary means. Unique quality and unique design.

5 "Lace Beni". It is ridiculous to listen to these accusations of 52% of those who voted on the laces of Firtash and Akhmetov. Whose candidate Zelensky will soon be clear, well, very quickly, well, as soon as it becomes clear who is financing the campaign. Whose money – and the candidate. People & # 39; s President is not about for whom, but about whose. So let's see.

6 There is no program and no command. Serious? Who honestly finds it very important to just do an exercise. Without Google you mention three points of the program of your candidate or party in the last election and at least in the top five, without talking about a dozen. What happened? So you are either inadequate in the requirements or not that important, it is in choosing.

7 Do not know how the system works. I will tell you that, for example, I know how it works. I know very well. But is this knowledge useful and necessary to change the country? No! And if there is only this knowledge, it is generally better not to let a person go to the office of the president and even the minister! & NbspWhen I complete my post to think critically, I want to notice the most important thing. Zelensky created a show or a film and was able to pick up the right authors and artists, and more importantly, to do the right marketing. These are the ingredients for success.

And now the question: how does this approach differ from what is needed in Ukraine on the road to success? Collect the best authors of laws, select the best team of ministers, explain actions that are available to people, do not steal and keep going. Ukrainians themselves will turn the country upside down in Europe and possibly in the world. After all, performed in 2014 in the war. "

"These are pompous voices – president-actor, this is very funny.

Of course, the president must be an actor. Actor, with a capital letter. Must imitate.

And all the others should be involved in their duties. Those who are written in the laws and the constitution.

Attorney General, chairman of the SBU, the head of the National Bank, the Prime Minister, and so on.

And when the president himself tries to fulfill all these leadership functions by appointing actors representing the activities to these and many other posts, this is very sad.

Especially if he himself is a bad actor, but he is convinced that he is a genius, "said blogger Max Buzhansky.

"Vladimir Zelensky – everyone, but not a" clown "A comedian, a businessman, a" Kolomoisky project ", but not an arrogant" clown ", leaving with a mine of the Order of the Garter Madame de Brovary Before calling Zelensky a clown , think that this "clown" sold his serial format to Fox Studio: no animal on a collective farm field, no gas line and chicken carcasses that were not subsidized by the state Zelensky created a Ukrainian creative product, got international recognition and earned a lot of money.

Perhaps more than many gentlemen have ever seen and seen.

Do not call Zelensky a clown if you ever laugh at his études in the 95th quarter. Do not call him a clown, just because you were afraid that the next political season will not take place under the same rotten faces and promises. You have stolen false tears? The right to life in the 17th century chosen? Do they deny the saint of three minute pattern sentences on all channels?

You are afraid because the world has changed completely. It is not managed by the channel, it is managed by the flu, whose influence is calculated by the number of subscribers, not by bots, by an army of fans, not by slaves.

2019 will be completely different. And it will be a year for completely different, new rules ", – the advertiser Alexander Smirnov believes.

Who and why does not like Zelensky

At the same time, there are many negative reviews regarding Zelensky (and not just the "powder").

The most important negative theses can be reduced to different points:

  • Zelensky is a puppet of Kolomoisky. And if he becomes president, it will not be the new face of Ukrainian politics & # 39; come to power, but the old and familiar face of Kolomoisky, who will solve his problems with Zelensky's hands (take Privatbank, Ukrnafta of the state, etc.)
  • Zelensky does not understand anything in the government administration, can someone present him as commander-in-chief?
  • Zelensky speaks about the world. Will he surrender Ukraine to Putin?
  • Zelensky only pretends to be a "peace dove", but he is in fact a nationalist and his policy will not differ from Poroshenko's policy,
  • Zelensky has already been able to tell many lies in his first political statements that cast doubt on the fact that he sincerely wants to change the country for the better,
  • Even if Zelensky sincerely wants to improve the situation in the country for the better, he simply will not succeed because he has no team, no experience in politics and is not a warrior in the field alone.

In the first place, there are of course constant indications for his ties with Kolomoisky.

"The invisible diamond hand sends Ukraine on the comical path of development: Igor Valerievich, Zelensky has not surfaced in your country", writes journalist Jean Novoseltsev.

"The most important moment in Zelensky's simulacrum is the integration into the system of Russophobe and generally misanthropic authorities in Ukraine. The question is not only with his puppeteer Kolomoisky, who is publicly proud of his involvement in the events of May 2, but is ready to repeat them, and of course throughout Ukraine. " , – political scientist Oleg Khavich writes for the site "Politnavigator".

Blogger Anatoly Shary has released a series of video blogs with an analysis of Zelensky's interview with Gordon. In particular, Shary states that Zelensky tells lies when he claims that after the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas he no longer cooperates with Russia.

The journalist recalled that in 2016 the film "8 best dates" was released with the participation of Zelensky, which was broadcast in Russia and filmed after the start of the war.

Shary also recalled that Zelensky, together with the Russian Federation, filmed the series "Swaty", which was especially deserved by the Russian public and not shown in Ukraine in 2018.

Will Zelensky manage to become president?

The head of the Committee of Ukrainian voters, Alexander Chernenko, is skeptical about Zelensky's victory:

Forget about Zelensky. "TV" without a "field" and motivated members of the committees have never achieved a good result in the elections.

A hard worker at the Akhmetov metallurgical plant can be as much for Zelensky as he wishes, but in the elections he will vote for Lyashko or Vilkul.

The taxi driver will bombard you as much as you want, that Zelensky "shows everyone", but it just does not come at the station.

The voter is tired and tired but today he thinks of Zelensky, because he sees no one who is worthy of those who act. But when the campaign comes from the virtual to the content, it will see the depth of the void.

Rubber balls are quickly blown away. Soap bubbles burst even faster.

Zelensky will not even be the third. "

But journalist Ivan Yakovina sees good prospects for Zelensky.

"Intelligent, prudent and thoughtful people, whom I respect, unanimously declare that this will not happen, since the election of this man as president is something of a series of humorous shows, dinosaurs and aliens." Probably they are right that Zelensky can win easily .

The generally accepted point of view is that performers and clowns of different sizes have no place in politics, only "serious people" should work there. Totally disagree with this statement. The most successful politicians are necessarily mostly artists. Take a random (each) – and you will find a significant artistic gift. Throughout the world, the definition of a candidate as a "clown" is almost the key to the success of his election campaign. Trump, Duterte, Bosonaru, Salvini – all from there. Even the most beloved Macron in the first place – a great showman. (President, it turned out later, no).

And there is an explanation for this phenomenon.

In democracies, leaders now choose too broad (in my opinion) population, people who are very spoiled by attention to themselves. The coolest companies on the planet pay cosmic money, just to seduce and entertain the buyer, persuading him to buy his product or service. It is like parents, sometimes forced to play whole performances, just to convince the picky child to eat something useful, but tasteless. "

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