Tyga Disses Kardashians at People & # 39; s Choice Awards by eating a chip? – Hollywood Life

Tyga must go hungry during the People & # 39; s Choice Awards. While Kim Kardashian gave a heartfelt speech, Kylie Jenner & # 39; s ex was caught on snacking and fans loved it!

As soon as you pop, you can not stop. Although it is unclear whether they liked Pringles or not at E! Public Choice Price, Tyga, 28, was visibly more interested in what was on his plate than what Kim Kardashian, 38, had to say after the Kardashians picked up the prize for the best reality show of 2018. As Kim – with whom he accompanied Khloe Kardashian, 34, Kourtney Kardashian, 39, Kendall Jenner, 23 and Kris Jenner, 63 – spoke of the tragic shooting in Thousand Oaks and the devastating fires in California, Tyga was caught on snacking, and fans … were absolutely thrilled about it.

"Tyga lmao," said a fan The Shade Room & # 39; s message about the snack attack. "Tyga & # 39; s [gonna] Be sure during Thanksgiving prayers, "said another." I'm still dead, nh, you're crazy. "" Tyga is me. "" Tyga killed me. "" Kris and Tyga my whole mood for the rest of the year. "" Tyga let me cry lmfaoooooo. "" Lmfaoooo has got tyga too much dip on his chip. "" Tyga my temper when someone I do not like to talk. "

"Tyga who eats a chip while the Kardashians have accepted their prize for the reality TV show on the election of people is EVERYTHING," tweeted @lilyfm. "Ok Tyga who ate his chip while reading @KimKardashian speech that was not paying, made me giggle, let the meme come," adds @brittanymauer_. @AyooNitaaa also tweeted: "Tyga is a f * cking mood! N … he eats a chip as if he does not care about them." Tyga who eats potato chips while the Kardashians accept their price at #PeopleChoiceAwards is something I never will forget ", @ squid_squad7 tweeted.

Did Tyga give shade to the Kardashians or was he just, you know, hungry? Kim and Kris met Kylie JennerHis ex-boyfriend at beyonce and Jay-Z'S On The Run II Tour show on September 23, and the improvised reunion went smoothly. Kris and Kim seemed surprised to see Tyga, but they all exchanged hugs with a big smile on their faces. Kylie did not even feel this kind of interaction, as a source told EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife.com that she has no problem that her family is good friends with her ex.

And since Kim had a passionate plea for viewers to help the victims of the California fires in any way – even if it was as simple as a gift to the many organizations that collect stuff & # 39; – This would be the wrong time T-Raww to throw some shadow. Maybe he just got a sense after he started the show? T-Raww joined the start of the PSO & # 39; s Nicki Minaj to perform their song "Dip" after shaking the stage to its foundations by singing her hit "Good Form". Hey, after such a great performance, Tyga earned himself a treat.

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