Bizarre altercation after LSU vs. Texas A & M reportedly contained punch

After Texas A & M beat LSU Saturday in a bonkers match that tied the FBS overtime record (seven) and set a new points record (146), an LSU staff member struck a blow to someone who worked either for A & M or the team .

LSU director of player development Kevin Faulk, a former Tigers and NFL run back, scuffled with someone with an on-field certificate.

Faulk's fist is closed in this photo, making it seem like he is giving a blow, but I have not seen a video of the incident to confirm that:

There are hundreds of people on the field at a particular football tournament, many with different references going to people with different functions (media, security, VIPs, team staff, band and cheerleading staff, and the like). And after the game there were plenty of people who look like normal fans cycling around on the field.

But that guy is dressed as a kind of support worker, and the Dallas Morning News & # 39; Ben Baby has made a video of the man who drives to Jimbo Fisher on the head coach, after which he puts Fisher in conversation:

It feels unlikely that a random guy Fisher would have given the attention so quickly.

The man in the red shirt is rumored, although not confirmed, to have beaten LSU assistant Steve Kragthorpe, who suffers from Parkinson's disease.

An LSU reporter for 247Sports said:

LSU & # 39; s punter described a "random Aggie fan" that beats Kragthorpe:

But LSU said, as the picture indicates, that one credentialed A & M person hits Kragthorpe.

There is, of course, a ton that we still do not know. A & M & # 39; s Sports Director, Alan Cannon, said the school was looking for it, according to The lawyer.

We update this message if necessary and as more information becomes available.

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