Sony claims a bug that allowed message crashed PS4 consoles is now resolved

Sony has announced that it has fixed a bug that caused PlayStation 4 consoles to crash when they received a specific message. Writing on Twitter in response to a comment about the bug said an official PlayStation support account: "We have since solved the problem" before offering a solution to anyone affected by the problem.

Sony has not yet published a press release or blog about the solution, but again, nor has it officially acknowledged the problem in the first place. We have contacted Sony for a statement, but if you are worried about the bug, you should know that it is a fairly simple process in the unfortunate case that you to be affected.

News from the messages, causing a crash loop to be so bad that some users reportedly had to reset their consoles to repair it, came to light on the weekend after being shared on Reddit. However, Sony is not the only company that has been struggling lately with a bug like this. Earlier this year, Apple had to patch iOS after a bug that crashed several message and e-mail apps when you received a certain Indian language character through them.

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