A ranked 1v1 mode in Fortnite would be a great way to settle disputes

People who played Call of Duty back on the day are almost certainly challenged with a 1v1 on Rust.

Fortnite could use such a test plot to settle disputes between friends or online trash people.

Yelruog placed this idea on Reddit and it made me think about what this mode would look like.

It is clear that players can already play 1v1 in the playground, but that mode can be very different from the game itself.

Here is the original Reddit post and I will work out some more ideas below.

Anyone think that a ranked 1v1 mode would be cool? from FortniteCompetitive

So the first big thing to attack is the card.

Fortnite already has an enormous card with many important points for attention. Each named location can simply be a card and players can set preferences or ban cards before they play.

With new cards for The Block, Fortnite could have a more extensive card selection than almost any other game.

The following are the weapons. In a 1v1 ranked mode, weapons should be more standardized for the sake of fairness.

Both players should probably start with a partial elimination, perhaps just a rare AR and a tactical rifle.

There could be more weapons spread over the map, but they should be standardized to remove part of the RNG. I am thinking here of the classic Halo style.

Players should probably also start with materials, but not so much that agriculture is completely unnecessary.

Ranked modes are incredibly hard to win in Battle Royale games. The scoring system would be complicated and determine how players go up or down would not be easy. Making mode 1v1 would make it easier.

The ultimate problem could be that Epic would rather not have a ranked system. This allows players to feel cheated when they win and, let's be honest, probably convince some players that they are better than they really are.

A ranked mode takes out all subjectivity. That may not be the direction that Epic hopes to take Fortnite.


What do you think? Do you want this mode? If you do that, how would you like it to look like?

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