The advance of the technical process does not stop for anyone. Not only have the prices for microSD cards dropped significantly in the past year you can now get a 16 GB card for the price of a meal at McDonalds – but more capacities are becoming available. SanDisk bullied & # 39; the world's first 1 TB microSD card earlier this year, and now it is finally being sold to buyers.

The product in question is fairly fast, as far as microSD cards are available. It promises read speeds of up to 160 MB / s and write speeds of up to 90 MB / s. The A2 rating means that applications installed on the card must work reasonably well, although our real-life tests with other A2 cards were not a great experience.

There is currently no real reason for anyone to purchase one of these cards unless you have absolutely saved 4K movies offline on your phone, or if you want to download hundreds of games for your Nintendo Switch. If you still really want it, you can buy the card through the links below.