Buda.com provides customer information in accordance with government requirements

A recent statement revealed that the Chilean exchange house & # 39;Buda.com& # 39; Has provided a document with detailed information about its customers and their transactions to the tax authorities (SBI) in 2017, in accordance with Article 60 of the Tax Code.

This news comes after the release of the SII July 20, in which mainly national digital currency companies were urgedBuda.com& # 39; & CryptoMkt & # 39; and & # 39; OrionX & # 39; to provide a complete document containing the details of the transactions with its customers during the 2017 period.

Now, meeting the requirements, the legal manager of the exchange & # 39; Buddha & # 39 ;, Samuel Cañas, noted that:

Because we are a 100% digital platform, we have detailed information about our entire operation, so we can carefully collect and assess it before it is delivered. […] Although the SII has not provided us with details of the next steps, we assume that the process of assessing the information provided will now come up and resolve any doubts about it.

For its part, according to Cañas' statements, the measure was implemented in order to obtain sufficient information, so that the SII can determine the correct tax liabilities in the country.

This decision from Buddha goes against the resolutions of Coinbase November 2016 about refusing information to the American tax authorities (IRS), what a legal conflict implied, because Coinbase He argued that such requests violated the privacy policy.

Chile continues its controversial course with regard to the future of cryptocurrencies and exchange houses. According to the events of April 9 this year, a demand was submitted by various exchanges in Chile, including Buddha, with which they had ceased the interception of the complaint to close their bank accounts.

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