Cyber ​​pirates attacked cryptocurrency exchange house with false application CriptoNoticias

The group of cybernetic pirates known as Lazarus, who reportedly came from North Korea, has compromised a cryptocurrency exchange house and malware that was meant to steal your confidential information, according to cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. cyber criminals usually focus on attacks on banks and fintech companies.

The virus, called Fallchill, arrived at the cryptocurrency exchange house (whose name was not known) via an e-mail that recommends an application for cryptocurrency trading, which is apparently legitimate. An unsuspecting employee has downloaded the application onto his computer, which has been compromised. The Fallchill virus was used by the same group on previous occasions and the main purpose is to extract information from the infected computer.

The "infected" application was identified as Celas Trade Pro from Celas Limited and according to the report "showed no signs of malicious behavior and seemed sincere". The Kaspersky Lab technicians concluded that the hackers group had made a false version of this application to use their explosives during the updates later on & # 39; in the system of the exchange platform.

The malware was given the name "AppleJeus" because the code was developed under the name "Jeus" and this is the first of its kind to include a version for MacO & # 39; s, to ensure that the operating system is not an obstacle to the attacks. In this respect, the report states:

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