Ethereum developers are discussing block reward but make final decision from CriptoNoticias

Developers from Ethereum discussed important changes to the protocol of the network in the Core Dev Meeting 45. One of the most important points was Constantinople, the new update of the network and especially the possible reduction of the remuneration per mine block from 3 to 2 ETH.

The meeting took place on Friday and although no definitive decisions were taken, many actors of the network participated and the discussion went on in an important way. It is therefore expected that important decisions will be made next week about the future of this blockchain. The future hard fork This year, entitled Constantinople, could contain some of the changes that are decided there.

In addition, the difficulty bomb was one of the central themes. Remember that this element introduces an artificial increase, gradual and supported by the degree of difficulty of mining the network, a mechanism that aims to contribute to the transit of the consensus from the network of Work Test (PoW) to Certificate of Participation (PoS). ). The participants agreed that this can not be eliminated immediately, although its application should be postponed.

Three Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) have even been discussed on this subject, whose purpose is to slow the difficulty bomb, in addition to reducing or maintaining the block reward. In this way the EIP-858 suggests, apart from the delay in fitting the pump, that the reward is reduced to 1ETH; and EIP-1295 advocates keeping the rewards in 3 ETH, but changing other elements, especially in connection with the PoW incentive structure. However, the proposal with the best reception was EIP-1234, which reduces the reward of the block to 2 ETH.

On the other hand, the miners have a renewed interest in ProgPOW, "a working language algorithm designed to close the efficiency gap available for specialized ASICs". The issue of resistance against the miners of the ASIC was also part of the discussion, with special emphasis on their participation and importance for the network.

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