First ICO performed in Indiegogo is canceled after raising $ 5.2 million CriptoNoticias

The newly created service has the support of Templum, a cryptoactive brokerage startup, to offer the Aspen Coins, the cryptocurrency promoted by St Regis to its investors, who will own part of the shares of Aspen Digital when acquiring the currency , the company matrix that leads the tourist residence. According to the note, investors can acquire digital assets with US dollars, bitcoins and ethers. They offer in total $ 12 million in assets.

The chips are offered under the Initial Currency Offer method or ICO, but according to Indiegogo this sale is regulated and controlled by the SEC. This could be based on the fact that, according to official announcements from the SEC in June, a cryptoactive should be considered as a financial good and therefore should be supported and controlled by a third party.

however, Only legally recognized investors may participate in this ICOwhoever obtains their log-in data must have a profit of more than $ 200,000 per year or a network of more than $ 1 million. This is the distance to conventional ICO & # 39; s where everyone can participate regardless of the amount they have. MicroVentures continues to participate in the realization of this ICO, despite the fact that it has canceled the FCFL.

Indiegogo's intention to participate in the blockchain ecosystem was patented when it was reported in December last year that it would offer the services of its page to the Initial Currency Offers (ICO).

The fact that this token corresponds to an active stock exchange company, plus legal support, usually attracts investors to the cryptocurrency markets, and encourages the adoption of these new tools that offer enormous advantages in making share transactions.

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