From the sixth of the afternoon of this Sunday, electronic banking will be suspended – Portal VP

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Electronic banking will be suspended this Sunday at 6 a.m. in order to meet the restart phase of the digital platforms, with regard to the entry into currency conversion.

Through social networks, various public and private banking entities have expressed the intention to comply with the absolute suspension of their platforms to adjust them to 100%.

The activities of internet and mobile banking, POS (POS), ATMs and mobile interbank payments (P2P) will be reactivated on Monday, a non-working day on which the Sovereign Bolivar will start to circulate.

Before the service is interrupted, the bank will allow a situational space to address the client's concerns and requests.

Likewise, the telephone line 0800-SUDEBAN (0800-7833226) will be available to users to resolve the unforeseen events that may occur during the suspension of electronic banking.

The Bank of Venezuela will not provide electronic services from midday, while other institutions such as Mercantile, Treasury and Provincial will do so from eight o'clock in the evening.


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