In the future, the wheels of the car may be smart bulbs

23 August 2018 – 12:03

In the future, the wheels of the car may be smart bulbs

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Goodyear brought to Lima (Peru) his Eagle 360 ​​Urban, the prototype tire for cars that they created as part of their vision for the future and which was presented at the 2017 Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

"It is a band in the shape of a sphere that could feel, decide, transform and interact," explained Victor Lam, general manager of Goodyear Peru, in a dialogue with El Comercio.

Although the Eagle 360 ​​Urban is still a prototype – it is not yet in production – Goodyear is already clear about the remarkable properties of this tire.

The Eagle 360 ​​Urban stands out for the following:

  • It can move in any direction.
  • It adapts the surface to the weather conditions.
  • It is automatically repaired thanks to the sensors it has.
  • Share road information with other tires and vehicles that will follow the same route.

Which car would this tire adapt to?

No right now. In this sense Goodyear invited students from the French design school ISD Rubika to devise and develop a vehicle concept for the Eagle 360 ​​Urban.

This is how Vision UMOD, a vehicle for the city that is adapted to future mobility needs, emphasizes the international company.

The spherical band would be adapted to the body of the Vision UMOD by magnetic levitation.

The Eagle 360 ​​Urban arrived in Lima as part of a tour through South America. Your next destination is Brazil.

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