McDonald & # 39; s already closes some stores in Venezuela

The American burger chain, McDonald's, is faltering in Venezuela. For now it has closed seven fast food restaurants (although it is not the final shutdown) due to the impact of the "paquetazo rojo" of President Nicolás Maduro it starts on 1 September.

In his statement, Arcos Dorados, the company that manages the McDonald's brand in Venezuela, stated that "we have recently closed a limited number of restaurants", adapting the company to the dynamics of the markets, as in the different countries in which they are present

There are, however, reports from Twitter users who register the closure of various branches from the burger chain, most in Caracas.

The journalist Beatriz Adrián reported in her tweet that at least seven branches of the chain of McDonald's restaurants in the country closed only during the month of August. The companies of the emblematic clown Ronald McDonald seem to cease their services in Venezuela despite the years of commercial success they had in the past, an important process that ultimately seems to have lost the battle against the economic crisis.

In the social network the communicator wrote: McDonald's restaurants in La Florida, La Yaguara, Mariche Filas, Sabana Grande (Villa Flor) in Caracas, and inland: Valencia in Bolivar Avenue, shopping center Aragua Park, shopping mall Llano Shopping Center Acarigua (only this month). They also shop in Classe La Florida and many close.

In his tweet, Adrián has also shared a video in which several employees are seen disarming playgrounds characteristic of these restaurants. One person refers to company closures as a result of the recent economic measures implemented by the national government and which have left the minimum wage to 1,800 sovereign bolivars (180,000,000 bolívares fuertes), an amount that the companies are unable to pay.

The consultant Arcos Dorados confirms his commitment to the development of the country. No company can close openly because the pressure from the Maduro regime puts it on the right track. The coercion, the blackmail and the threats of expropriation and looting by the armed groups of "collectives" supported by Chavez is the official policy.

Venezuela transits the fifth year of recession – considered by some experts to be a depression – with unclear signs of recovery of the already reduced production device averaging 22.3%, according to data from the Venezuelan Confederation of Industrialists (Conindustria).

A few months ago, the multinational cereal company Kellog & # 39; s also closed its doors. But Maduro immediately ordered the locks to break and the factory doors reopened to produce the cornflakes with the same technical equipment that the multinational had left behind. The boxes of "socialist" or chavista breakfast cereals even look like colors on the "capitalist". This has earned him a question for international tribunals.

It remains to be seen whether the Chavista's try to invent the "socialist" hamburger at McDonald's chain facilities because with the "madurazo" the meat and the chicken disappeared. And the fries are impossible to offer on the menu because of the shortage of the tuber and the oil.

In the most recent years Arcos Dorados replace ingredients trying to preserve the menu but then it offers customers the portions smaller ones and replace the chips with the arepitas orfried yucca to compensate for the high costs associated with supporting operations in a country where the relative prices are disturbed.

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