Paris, New York and 17 other cities are committed to making their new buildings "zero energy"

Nineteen cities in the world, including Paris, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Montreal and New York, have promised yesterday that by 2030 all newly built buildings will be "zero energy", which means that they will have renewable energy sources and so do not emit carbon dioxide (CO2).

The agreement means that the old buildings must meet that target by 2050, said in a statement the group of cities against climate change (C40), which includes the 19 signatories, including Newburyport, Portland, San Francisco, San Jos, Santa Monica, Stockholm , Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Tshwane, Vancouver and Washington.

"(The buildings) They will use the energy efficiently and respond to the needs that are not covered from sources (of energy) without fossil fuels", explained the note. To implement this plan, a series of incentives and support programs will be implemented and the current energy consumption of the buildings will be evaluated to see how it can be reduced.

Buildings in urban areas are one of the & # 39; most important & # 39; sources of gas emissions and on average generate more than half of the emissions of a city. In cities such as Paris and London, this percentage rises to more than 70%.

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