Slim Pop & # 39; explodes & # 39; in Central and South America

Mexico /

This year Slim Pop – a company with low-calorie popcorn and made with hot air – reaches Central and South America.

The product "is delivered here in Mexico and a distributor will send it to Central and South America," said César Villalobos, General Manager of Operations at Preferred Pop Corn Mexico, who added that they will start with Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.

In addition, plans to triple the volume of production (currently 900 thousand units per month) via a new production line requiring an investment of 5 million pesos, according to the manager.

He said that they want to increase their presence on the market through wholesalers and corner stores.

"We realized the major problem of obesity in our country, which is why we have developed a natural snack," said Villalobos of his products.

The brand's factory is located in Nebraska, USA, where 95 percent of the popcorn comes from, consumed in Mexico.

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