Walmart Santa Elena has dedicated his facilities

by Magdalena Reyes

August 21, 2018 – 18:43

The supermarket chain Walmart de México y Centroamérica has inaugurated Walmart Santa Elena, the fifth supercenter in El Salvador, where customers can find more than 35 thousand products, which now reach a total of 96 stores.

The supermarket will generate 300 jobs, which will be occupied by the population of the area, and its construction includes an investment of more than $ 20 million.

The infrastructure has a territorial extension of 21,000 square meters, with a sales area of ​​4,565 square meters and 327 parking spaces and nine more places for people with disabilities, which means 30% more parking than required by regulations of the Planning Bureau of the Metropolitan Region of San Salvador ( OPAMSS).

For the construction of this store, the company has put special emphasis on the adequate mobilization of heavy trucks for loading and unloading, not to influence the drivers driving through the area and not for those working in the neighborhood. In that sense, the trucks only circulate from 8:00 to 18:00, sometimes authorized by the mayor of Antiguo Cuscatlán.

Fresh vegetables and fruits and different kinds of spices and seasonings are part of the supermarket's offer. FOYO EDH / Diego Polanco

The modern Walmart Santa Elena will implement the concept One Stop Shop, ie a single stop to buy, where the customer has a florist, a coffee bar, Chinese food, a veterinarian, a bank, an ATM, a pharmacy, a snack corner and spaces consumption, groceries, meat products, furniture, textiles and hardware, among others.

In addition, interactive digital kiosks are included, an application that is available in the field of technology, so that customers can consult and compare the prices of TV screens.

Efficient packaging is also included in the consumption and shopping areas, a task that the company carries out with suppliers to ensure that the store has a faster replacement of the product in the gondolas, so that customers find what they are looking for.

Walmart will also offer its own brands, such as: Great Value, Sabemas, SuperMax, OIR and products for pets and Parent's Choice in baby products. In perishable products are found Great Value brands and Don Cristobal, own brand of sausage.

The investment of Walmart Santa Elena also envisaged the installation of the LED lighting system inside and outside the store, as well as in the cooling system.

"The energy for Walmart is a tool to operate and that is why we have a strategic vision to achieve the best operation of our business while constantly looking for efficiency and the best use of technology. % achieved similar stores in 626 compared to the previous year in Central America, so avoiding 1,673,306 Kwh for the year 2017 that is equal to the average monthly consumption of more than 6,000 families in El Salvador, "said the Ibañez .


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