WhatsApp has announced that it will receive payment messages

WhatsApp announced in early August that it will charge for sending messages to entrepreneurs who use the WhatsApp Business API application, which facilitates communication between people and companies.

"Companies will pay to send certain messages so that they are selective with the messages they send and your chats do not get clogged," WhatsApp reported in early August.

Those who have this application, designed for medium and large companies, can send their clients personalized and relevant notifications with non-promotional content, such as "confirmations of mailings, reminders for appointments and tickets for events." The company pays a fixed price for a confirmed delivery, between 0.5 and 9 cents per message, depending on the country, reported Reuters.

Contact between companies and users

The same WhatsApp clarifies that it is developing new tools to improve communication between customers and entrepreneurs to make it easier and safer.

Users can therefore request useful information, such as a boarding pass or a shipping confirmation, by communicating their telephone number to the company with WhatsApp Business API via their website, in their application or in a physical store, to send you information via WhatsApp, informs the company blog .

If a user wants to start a conversation with a company, simply use the Click to Chat feature if this button is displayed on the website or Facebook ad. In addition, some companies can provide assistance in real time and offer questions about your products or services.

According to WhatsApp, users have absolute control over the messages they receive and can also block any company by pressing a button. In addition, messages will remain end-to-end encrypted.

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