& # 39; The KKKlan infiltrator & # 39 ;: watch the video for the song Mary do not you ween & # 39; from Prince

"I knew you need a number for the credits. I am very close to Troy Carter, one of the Spotify executives. So I invited him for a private feature of the film. Then he told me: "Spike, I have the song". And that was "Mary do not you ween", which was recorded on a cassette in the mid-1980s. Prince wanted me to get that song, I do not care what someone says. My brother Prince wanted me to get that song. I have no other explanation".

It seems incredible, but it is very true for Spike Lee. The theme that, in fact, sounds during the credits of the KKKlan infiltrator, was hidden in a tape in the valves of Paisley Park, the mythical study of the hallucinating prince. And suddenly … it turned out! This theme, recorded only with the accompaniment of a gospel / spiritual key piano, is the perfect ending to a film that deals with a gift that refuses to leave us: the rise of fascist groups around the world.

The video clip of just over four minutes shows us images of John David Washington (Aha, the eldest son of Denzel) as Ron Stallworth, the activist who infiltrated the group Ku Klux Klan in the mid-seventies to reveal their attack plans to African-Americans; we can also see Topher Grace as David Duke, a senior leader of this racist group. The video ends with a photo of Prince and Lee in 1998 on a basketball court in New York.

"Maria, do not cry"Is part of the next posthumous album of Prince, entitled Piano & a microphone 1983 (There is more to explain about the name, right?). Similarly, Prince had already collaborated with Spike when he directed the video for his song "Money does not matter 2 nights", For the disc Diamonds and pearls from 1992, which you can see below:

(Cover image: Paisley Park / Warner Bros.)

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