A long farewell to Aretha Franklin

Detroit will not be the same. He lost his queen and rejected her as such. A queen of the soul, yes. But also of the struggle for civil rights, of the free spirit, of broken families. "His music was a balm for the pain of our community," said religious leader Louis Farrakhan.

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The artist, who died at the age of 76 two weeks ago as a result of pancreatic cancer, made a posthumous journey through the city where she grew up. Throughout the week the coffin was exhibited at iconic places for the community, every day with a different outfit, typical of a big diva, and always with a huge smile. Last Friday, the day of her funeral, the family decided to wear a shiny golden dress and heels with sequins. No wonder, the act had connotations of state funeral.

Former US President Bill Clinton, who came to Detroit, confessed that he was happy when he saw that the box was open because he wanted to know what the girl & # 39; would wear on such a day. "He cared for broken people, marginalized, those who did not have their luck.We have to remember in these times that this beautiful woman worked as a cannibal to achieve what she achieved.It is a key to freedom," Clinton said.

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Also activist Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, reminded by letter the contribution of the artist to the struggle for the civil rights of African-Americans: "Either assist people through exciting crossroads of genres or By The directing of songs has reminded Aretha's work of the main causes of the song and reflects the best of American history, "wrote Obama. While Jackson, who was the partner of the activist Aretha and Martin Luther King Jr. in the struggle for the rights of the black population of the United States, held a more political speech. "If you leave today, do not sign up to vote, you will honor Aretha," he warned the crowd.

The current president did not attend the funeral and was reprimanded by the Venerable Sharpton, who received a standing ovation after saying, "President Donald Trump must be taught about being respectful." When Aretha died, he said that he had worked for him. But no, he acted for him, he worked for us. & # 39;

In the religious service, which lasted more than eight hours, the speeches and performances of the heavyweights of black music alternated: Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, among others.

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