A new indictment accuses Harvey Weinstein of sex theft in the gossip

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A new complaint, which is presented by the actress and the model on Monday Emma Loman in a federal court in California (US), accuses the film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual trade, local media reported today.

This is the second requirement in this connection against Weinstein, because last week a judge from the Federal Court of Manhattan (USA) rejected a motion from the producer and gave permission to continue with the judicial process in which the actress Kadian Noble accuses him of sexual trade.

The complaint filed by Loman, which in his letter claims to have been violated by Weinstein, also pointed the producer to other alleged crimes such as abuse or illegal detention.

According to the text of the trial, Loman, a model who wanted to try his luck in the interpreting world, met Weinstein in 2004 at the Venice Film Festival.

Shortly before the Cannes Festival in 2006, the producer contacted Loman to invite her to the contest and to explore various professional options for her.

The actress understood that it was a great opportunity for her since Weinstein was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

After several meetings in Cannes, Weinstein invited Loman for his "office", which was actually the suite of his hotel.

Always according to the story of Loman, when we arrived at the room Weinstein left from the side of the professional behavior of his previous encounter and violated it.

Days later, Weinstein reminded Loman not to let her leave his room if he did not promise to keep quiet about what was happening.

The following year, according to the woman, the producer bought a film in which Loman only received a paper to remove her from the film.

The artist remained silent for years for fear of possible reprisals, but the wave of accusations of a sexual assault on Weinstein, which ended the career and reputation of the producer, encouraged him to bring his case to justice.


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