Accuses Federica P. Luche for Thalía de & # 39; copiona & # 39;

MEXICO CITY.- There were many celebrities and fans of Thalía who joined the fun #ThaliaChallenge, after aideo that he shared via Instagram where she danced and sang in this funny outfit that became viral.

However, the actress Consuelo Duval's dress and the video of Thalia have caused no mercy and even accused plagiarism.

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"I'm tired of copying my outfits! Why are not you a normal woman, Miss Thalia," wrote the actress on Instagram together with a comparative photo in which she saw an outfit similar to that of the singer. from the scenes of the family P. Luche & # 39 ;.

The fans of the comedian enjoyed the publication and even asked Thalia to answer the message.

Thalia has not done much to pray and replied to the interpreter Federica P. Luche with its already classic: "¿Me sientoeeees?", along with funny emoji & # 39; s.

Of course, everything was a joke with which both celebrities had fun.

The clothing in question is similar to a garment that Consuelo used in a chapter of the famous series The P. Luche family & # 39 ;.

Besides, he not only copied Consuelo Duval, Thalia & # 39; s fans discovered that Angelique Boyer also wore this outfit a year ago.

The video of Thalia, making this & # 39; fight & # 39; originated, transcended to a level that they even made a piñata in Mexico.

The Mexican singer knows all her & # 39; tiki piñata & # 39; and her excitement was so great that she asked her to celebrate her next birthday party.

And apparently the wish of the singer will be fulfilled, because the creator of the piñata via Instagram informed that the piñata arrived in the house of Thalia.

The video of Thalía already has a choreography and a remix and her fans have replicated it everywhere. The singer has become famous on Instagram thanks to the peculiar videos she shares through stories.

From what you eat to your practice routines, the interpreter of & # 39; I do not know & # 39; is responsible for doing it in the most original way.

Thalia manages their social networks perfectly.

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