Alejandro Sanz completes the first single of his twelfth studio album In the gossip

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Photo: archive | EFE

Alejandro Sanz last and the first single of what will be his twelfth studio album, still without title or official release dates, as expected via their social networks in a short video in which a melody can be heard in the background.

"Today I finally recorded the first voice of what the first single from #eldisco will be and I am excited because they do not know what it means to me that what I do will please you", wrote the artist in the Instagram post that belongs to the video.

These are a few seconds in which Sanz spins the camera in the studio where he is currently working and is interrupted just as his vocal performance begins.

His latest album on the market, "sirope", goes back to 2015, after whose tour had the twentieth anniversary of the release of the album"Lake"(1998), which is mentioned as the best selling in the history of Spain, with 2.2 million copies shipped in the country and six million worldwide.

Already in the presentation of the versatile concert in the Vicente Calderón Stadium from Madrid in the summer of 2017 he confirmed to Efe that he set his sights on his twelfth studio work and in January he confirmed through his social networks that he was "ready for the next album".

It is all the information your record label refers to, Universal music, who claims to have no further information about the progress of his artist or that the aforementioned album would be ready before 2019.

With 25 million copies sold worldwide, 20 Latin Grammy & # 39; s and 3 Grammy Awards, Sanz is one of the most important musicians in the Spanish-speaking world.


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