Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that he has crossed the border with several women

Arnold Schwarzenegger He openly admitted that he had crossed the border with a few women a few years ago.

The actor and former Republican governor of California was accused of sexual harassment by different women in 2003, coinciding with his election campaign. In an interview with Health for men, the protagonist of the saga "Terminator" He acknowledged his mistake and apologized for those episodes.

"I feel bad about that and I apologize," Schwarzenegger said, adding that if he could go back in time, he would change his behavior.

The 71-year-old actor also revealed that when he became governor, he set up courses on the prevention of sexual harassment. "I wanted to make sure that nobody, including me, made that mistake, so we took courses on sexual harassment, to have a clear understanding, from a legal point of view and also from the point of view of regular behavior, of what is correct and accepted and what is not. "

Although he acknowledged his mistake, it is not the first time that he refers to his bad behavior. When he signed up with the governorship of California, The Angels Times He published an article in which six women indicated that they were sexually harassed by him. At that time, Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized, but he defended himself and said that "most accusations were not true".

The popular artist also made a self-criticism when he once described his political opponents as girls (girl-man), explaining that he was "short-sighted" at the time. After completing his political career, Arnold Schwarzenegger resumed his work in film and is currently filming a new episode of "Terminator" in Europe under the direction of James Cameron.


The production chose to shoot in Spain to avoid the violence of our country


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