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Photo: archive

Photo: archive

Thalia is undoubtedly one of the most trending Latino celebrities in social networks with its varied styles. But the outfits that look like are not always as original as we think.

At least that is what the famous Mexican comedian believes Consuelo Duval, who accused this Thursday & # 39; & # 39; is, in a crazy tone of course, the one who was the protagonist of successful telenovelas like Maria of the neighborhood (1995) and Rosalinda (1999) to copy his clothes.

And is that the mother of the actor Michel Duval (Salvador in Lady Steel), realized that the 46-year-old star wore days ago in a video that looked like a dress viral on the dress she used in the hit television series a few years ago The P. Luche family.

Again she showed her extraordinary sense of humor, Consuelo shared a picture in her networks in which she compares both garments and sends a warning message to Thalia.

I'm tired of copying my outfits. Why are not you a normal woman?", Wrote the comedian between laughs via her Instagram profile.

The publication exceeded 90 thousand in a few hoursI like itAnd the two thousand remarks, including the expected response from Thalia, who did not hesitate to follow the joke to Consuelo.

"I suddenly feel", Wrote the funniest woman of Tommy Mottola Referring to one of the phrases that the singer expressed in the video that went viral last week, in which the Mexican star is most unrestrained in a live conversation with his fans.


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