Discover the reasons why you let your hair rest from the dryer

maintain the health of the hair and keep us in perfect condition. But there is something else that we have to take into account: it is not advisable to dry our hair using a hairdryer every time we go through the shower.

These are the reasons why you should let the hair rest from the heat, at least occasionally:

• Because it dries the scalp. Not only that, but it can also open the ends, dry the entire hair in general and be in worse conditions. You will notice that if you dry your hair every time you wash it with a hair dryer, it looks a bit drier, dull and lifeless. Try to alternate it so that it regains its normal vitality.

• Because her is dependent. Just as the mane get used to washing, it can detect that we always use the same shampoo and lose vitality over time, but it can also become dependent on this artificial heat. The more we use it, the worse it will be for our hair.

• Because he is born stronger and healthier. We do not say that you have to banish the dryer forever, but you have to alternate it by letting it dry in the air. In this way you will be born much healthier and also much stronger. It is a good way to maintain your health without further care.

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