Ex Salserín Jonathan Moly presents his new single Te Besaré [VIDEO]

Jonathan Moly, former Salserín, is currently considered "the new blood & # 39; of the salsa genre, after having gained popularity with hits such as Sayonara ft. Jerry Rivera, Think of me, you do not know love from Luis Enrique, and in our country. How do I do that? ft. Ezio Oliva. The Venezuelan singer has returned to take over the tropical charts, discos and digital platforms with a salsa with urban singer Bryant Myers, entitled Te Besaré.

The interpretative fusion of both artists to the rhythm of a sticky sauce sprinkled with mischief is the result of Te Besaré, a theme that is part of the new production in which Jonathan Moly works under the production of the famous Sergio George.

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"This theme is my new bet, to dance, to dedicate, because who does not love that person who loves or loves, it is a seductive theme, which I really like and in which I share with a falcon artist whom he ventured in salsa and we have achieved a very good result ", says Moly, who cooperated with Myers on the advice of George, who undoubtedly hit the nail on the head with the association between two talents.

Moly has just been nominated for the Pepsi Music Awards in Venezuela and will be soloing for the first time in October tour in Europe. On the other hand, the video clip of Te Besaré in Miami is already running strongly in the international HTV chain.

Moly currently tours his music through Colombian countries and announces his next promotion tour to Lima, where he will visit the most important media. It should be added that the versatility of Jonathan Moly also exhibited in the urban single With him was recently released by Ezio Oliva and that is already viral on social networks.

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