In August the Caracas museums offer a luxury menu with people

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The museums of Caracas This month they offer a luxurious menu for city dwellers and visitors. Masters of the plastic arts of different styles, eras and nationalities occupy the walls of these enclosed spaces, which are open to free entertainment.

The Venezuelans Armando Reverón, Carlos Cruz Diez, Arturo Michelena and Juan Calzadillaand Spanish Pablo Picasso, are some of the artists whose works await the visit of Caracas and Caracas.

Here are some of the most remarkable exhibitions that adorn the city's museums:

#Picasso: 149 works by the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso are the exhibition "Comrade Picasso", which was just inaugurated inl Armando Reverón Museum of Contemporary Art, in Parque Central. The works are part of the collection of the museum and include the famous Vollard suite, which consists of one hundred engravings of the antifascist artist.

# Reverón: The master of light, Armando Reverón, star in a show dedicated to his legacy that has been arranged in the National Art Gallery (GAN), on the avenue Mexico, with paintings, sculptures, assemblages and even his famous rag dolls. He also placed a replica of his residence workshop El Castillete, and photo 's of the artist in complete slaughter. The exhibition is called "El Castillete, a space of sublime revelations".

#Calzadilla: Also in the GAN You can view the exhibition "La Fuga de los Límites", a retrospective of Juan Calzadilla, which exhibits 137 works that summarize 50 years of the plastic work of this characteristic national artist.

#CruzDiez: In the Museum of printing and design Carlos Cruz Diez There is a permanent exhibition with works by the prominent Venezuelan kinetic artist, one of the greatest exponents of this international art movement, which has just arrived at the age of 95. The Chromosaturation Chamber is included.

#Michelena: the Arturo Michelena Museum, in La Pastora, in the same house where the famous Carabobo-born painter lived and worked, his works are exhibited in the exhibition "Michelena Mítico", as well as personal objects and belongings of the artist.

# CollectionMBA: the Museum of Fine Arts, in The Caobos, On the occasion of his centenary, it shows some of the treasures of its collections of European art, Latin American art and cubism, in various exhibitions, with works by masters such as Diego Rivera, Toulouse Lautrec, Sebastiao Salgado, Picasso himself, among others.

# CollectionGEN: The gallery also sprinkles the works of his collection in the exhibition "Visual Memory of a Country 1976-2016", with works also known as the Miranda in La Carraca, by Arturo Michelena, or the self portrait of Cristóbal Rojas.

#Tesla: It will not be part of the world of the visual arts, but it is certainly not devoid of poetry the life of the inventor Nikola Tesla, whose life is covered with an exhibition that has devoted him Science Museum, in Los Caobos, and that can be seen in rooms 5 and 6.

Access to all these museums is free and for everyone of all ages.


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