Jennifer Lopez and Álex Rodríguez influence networks with a debilitating weight routine VIDEO | Picture 1 of 5 | Shows | International shows

At 49, Jennifer Lopez It has a body that attracts the attention of all the catwalks on which it is presented. His slender figure is not only the result of a privileged genetics, but of a demanding routine and a rigorous diet.

The & # 39; Diva of the Bronx & # 39; works hard to have a spectacular body and her friend, Alex Rodriguez, wanted to show his followers how he does it. Proud of his girlfriend, he placed a video on his Instagram account in which she appears in full bodybuilding.

A few minutes later he shared a picture in which JLo shows his flat and toned belly. "Happy weekend for all women who work all year", he wrote with the snapshot, which already exceeded 170 thousand hearts.

The interpreter has said in several interviews that she remains faithful to the method of trainer Tracy Anderson, who is also responsible for training among others Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.

According to Anderson, the secret to getting your abdominal muscles is a routine of gymnastics that exercises different muscles in a rotation. It is essential to change the training routine and the diet plan to keep the body activated.

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